Ultimate Alchemist

There is some really nice stuff for the alchemist in Ultimate Magic (and I think a bug or two). Overall I think it’s a great follow up to a really fun class. I’m not going to dig into every single new option but these are the bits that stand out the most to me as […]

Discoveries and Feats for Alchemists and Poisoners

An assortment of feats, discoveries and advanced mutagens for alchemists, and poisoners. I originally wrote these thinking I might include them in a published product. Please, leave some comments, let me know what you think. Would you like to see this sort of think in a published product or even in a PDF?

Alchemists Guide: Mr. Hyde

Wily alchemists work long hours trying to create an alchemical solution that releases the most primal, powerful untapped potential which they claim exists in all of us. These alchemist generally disdain the use of bombs and ranged weapons and relish in the fury of engaging the enemy with tooth and claw. Mr. Hyde, AKA the Feral […]

Alchemists Guide: Dr. Strangelob

How I learned to lob the bomb Dr. Strangelob’s primary focus is ranged bombing.  You are capable of doing more elemental damage in a game session than any other character. There is no save and no SR to block the primary damage you do and your secondary damage is respectable.

Alchemist Guide: Extracts

Equivalent to spells in most ways extracts give alchemists a tremendous amount of versatility and power. This is the second of four parts to the Alchemist Guide, the other three are: Introduction Dr. Strangelob – How I learned to Lob The Bomb. Mr. Hyde – Strangelob’s (more?) demented alter ego

Alchemist’s Guide: Introduction

The alchemist is a strange creature, choice of discoveries and which mutagen you use can greatly alter what role you take in the party.  The obvious niche alchemists fit into is the proverbial glass canon, primarily just blasting with damage but with lots of interesting debuffing options.  A little less obviously the alchemist can also […]

Grim Alchemist

Privateer Press’ Trollbloods Grim Angus… I’ve retasked him as a half orc Alchemist. He will be taking the weapons feats and use a skattergun.